It's Hurricane Season - Are You Prepared?

Hurricane Season is now - June 1 through November 1. Take the following steps TODAY to help insure your pet's safety:
1. Identify Your Pet. Be sure to place id tags on your pet prior to an expected storm. Ideally microchip your pet and register your contact information immediately. Try to register a contact number for a friend/family member outside of your local area as well.


News and Upcoming Events from Animal Wellness Veterinary Center:

Continue to beware and NOT FEED any jerky-type treats from China!
Free nail trims any time for our patients - call to schedule.
Free puppy socials for our patients - call to register.

Latest Dog Food Recall

CLICK ON THE LINK for Diamond Foods Dog Food Recall

Vaccine Info For Dog Owners

CORE vaccines - These are vaccines that should be given to all dogs or almost all dogs

Cat Clicker Training

CAT CLICKER TRAINING IS HERE AGAIN! For those of you who missed out last time.
For children ages 4-18 Train your cat to perform a trick over 4 weeks. Classes meet 1/2 hour each week for four sessions. You will learn how to train your kitty. You pick the trick, we'll teach you how to teach it to your puss. By week 3 or week 4 you may bring your cat in to demonstrate what you have accomplished. This popular class is sure to be fun! Space is limited so call us at 203-295-8080 to reserve a spot. Cost is $40 for 4 classes and includes a clicker.

Chicken Jerky Treats from China

PLEASE READ AND SHARE - Check any chicken treats you are feeding your dogs. If they were made in China DO NOT feed them!! I am looking at a dog now that has kidney failure I believe is going to turn out to be a toxin. This dog eats multiple brands of chicken jerky made in China. DO NOT FEED CHICKEN TREATS MADE IN CHINA. They have been implicated in other dogs' illnesses.


Over-Vaccinating: A Very Real Risk!

Join Dr. Alvarez
Tuesday 3.27.12
at Village Critter Outfitter

To learn exactly what vaccinations are necessary and which ones are not. A topic you don't want to miss!

Because what is not recommended for YOUR pet is just as important as what is.

Please call VCO at 203-972-7000* to reserve your seat. Space is limited.

Heartworm in CT: Hazard or Hype?

Heartworm Disease in Connecticut: Hazard or Hype?
Heartworm disease is so named because infection with this parasite in dogs generates adult worms in the heart. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? And surely it can be deadly in dogs. So a preventative seems in order, right? Well, the preventative is a chemical and not without risk. This begs for us to analyze then the risk: benefit ratio before making a decision for our beloved doggies. There are so many chemicals our dogs’ bodies are subjected to these days, it behooves us to minimize where we can.

February is Pet Dental Health Month

Pets Need Dental Care Too!
As February is national pet dental health month, I hope to stimulate some of you to begin to think about improving your pet’s oral health care. Because a mouth without dental disease supports a healthier body.

Did you know dental disease doesn’t just impact your pet’s mouth? It also affects your pet’s blood pressure, heart, liver, and kidneys.
Did you know 80% of dogs and 70% of cats over 3 years old have dental disease already?
Did you know dental disease is preventable?

Our entrance is in the back of the building.

Approach our space to the right of the building, drive up and around back.

Enter the driveway for Al's Warehouse Liquors, located between the Hilton Garden Inn and Dress Barn, and drive up along side the building to our car park in back. We are the only entrance at the back of the building.


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